PROPER - Vinyl information

- Apply a small piece of masking tape to the sides of the vinyl ease positioning, do not remove the paper backing yet, just position the vinyl so its the way you like. Ensuring that the area to which the vinyl is to be applied is clean, position the vinyl.

- When it is in the desired position, apply a hinge of masking tape to the lower edge. Remove the two side pieces of masking tape and the vinyl will fold down along the hinge.

- Now this is where you remove the backing paper by peeling sideways, not away from the letters or design so that they vinyl sticker stays with the carrier film and not the backing paper (you can press them together if the vinyl sticker is sticking to the backing paper and not the carrier film, this will allow the carrier film to grab the vinyl sticker from the backing paper since the carrier film is stickier than the paper). The cut vinyl is now held in position by the carrier film.

- OPTIONAL STEP: With a spray bottle lightly spray the sticker with a solution of soapy water (1 drop of detergent in a bottle of water should do the trick). This will make it easier to apply and reapply if you make a mistake the first time. Also this will make the final vinyl sticker on the mounting surface be devoid of air bubbles. Let the sticker dry first before proceeding to the next step (because the vinyl is not going to stick to the mounting surface when its wet). With a small plastic wiper (a credit card will also do), sweep the cut vinyl into contact with the mounting surface, stroking upwards and outwards, taking care to leave no air bubbles.

- When all parts of the cut vinyl is in contact with the mounting surface, gently peel off the front paper sideways, and apply final pressure to the front face of the cut vinyl (use either a rag or your hand and dab the vinyl so that you do not to scratch the surface). Enjoy your vinyl.