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This is another one of the new logos for JDM Chicago, featuring the traditional “C” of the Monsters of the Midway with Kanye- — another Chicago icon — styled shades in the middle. KUMAS, the Japanese translation of BEARS, runs along the bottom in the original font with “ShiKaGo” in katakana positioned on the right. The concept behind the designs is based off the simple question, “How would Chicago look if the city were actually part of, or placed within the Japanese Domestic Market?” In essence, what if Chicago were a JDM city and not USDM one? Shedding new light on the literal name of the website, PROPER+ has taken and altered some of the city’s iconic symbols to give a glimpse of what an authentic “JDM Chicago” might look like. DISCLAIMER: Highlighter- and Chrome-based colors have tendencies to fade under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Life expectancy under these conditions is in the 6-12 month range, and sometimes shortened pending on variables.


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